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Do It Yourself Lab

Ideate, Design & Make innovation Happen…


             DIY Lab

  • The DIY lab is an innovative way of learning space where the learning methodology is research based. It encourages the students to solve their own day to day life challenges by applying their ideas with guidance of subject experts and using the tools to develop required technology.
  • The DIY lab provides the knowledge of technologies and tools which can be used to develop students’ ideas to products.
  • ‘We can make almost anything’ at DIY lab.


  • Equipped lab with advance fabrication tools such as

–3D printer

–Laser cutter

–Vinyl cutter

  • Equipped with basic and advance hand tools from engineering, electrical, electronics, agriculture, food processing, etc.
  • Computer lab and internet facility.
  • Subject matter expert support.
  • Connected with international FAB Lab network.
  • REDX club to work on AI.
  • Services at marginal cost.
  • Open to all.

            Lab Setup

Different sections like –

  • Agriculture
  • Digital Fabrication Tools
  • Computer Designing
  • working Station
  • Workshop 

We can do almost anything..


About Us

Vigyan Ashram is a center of Indian Institute Of Education (IIE) Pune. A scientist turned educationalist Late Dr.S.S.Kalbag started Vigyan Ashram in 1983 to find out solution to the problems in education.

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J. P. Naik Center For Education & Development, Behind Eklavya Polytechnic College, Kothrud, Pune – 411038

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