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The DIY lab is an innovative way of learning space where the learning methodology is research based. It encourages the students to solve their own day to day life challenges by applying their ideas with guidance of subject experts and using the tools to develop required technology.

about DIY Lab1

Vigyan Ashram developed a DIY lab with advanced tools at its Pune campus with tagline of ‘We can make almost anything’. The DIY lab provides the knowledge of technologies and tools which can be used to develop students’ ideas to products.

D-I-Y Lab is a maker’s space where all necessary tools will be available. It will have open access to all interested people from the secondary school students to senior citizens with an idea or work to use the tools under the guidance of lab coordinator. Those who don’t have basic skills, need to undergo basic safety and use of tools training before using such tools. The tools in the D-I-Y lab comprises of but not limited to the following tools –

I) Basic fabrication tools

II) Different cutting tools, screw drivers and spanners

III) Electrical and electronics tools

IV) Basic measuring instruments

V) Food processing tools

VI) Agriculture tools

VII) Advanced communication tools (internet connection, video conference tools etc.)

about DIY Lab

2018-19 DIY Lab Mind Map


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